Darkness Vs Light

  Good night everyone, today’s topic is a topic really personal for me. Almost everyone has gone through some kind of trauma in the childhood or adult life. Sometimes we don’t seek for help by going to a psychologist or seeking help from a friend that’s close to you personally. But most importantly we don’t let the Lord help and deliver us from this trauma. Those memories stay deep inside your psyche and don’t let you be in peace. That most of the time takes you straight up to temptations and addictions like alcohol, drugs and sexual immorality, fornication or even adultery.

 In my personal experience I can tell you that when you give your all to the Lord, the good and the bad, and you ask him to make you a new vessel; ask him to deliver you from that trauma and you will see the freedom in which you will live your life without the fear of that darkness that had you oppressed. However you got to do it of your own free will, because you want to change; be free and are tired of living in the darkness. Come to him what’s holding you back, he is waiting for you; just close your eyes and talk to him out loud and he will hear you don’t be afraid because what awaits is better than what you have ever imagined.

2 Samuel 22:29

“For You are my lamp, O LORD; The LORD shall enlighten my darkness.”

Author: Ana Guerrero

A forgiven sinner working for His kingdom.

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