Sorry I haven’t written anything in a few days but, I been pretty busy with church and celebrating my mom’s birthday. Today I’m gonna talk about this book I’m reading it’s called “The Battle of Every Teenage Girl” by Shannon Ethridge & Stephen Arterburn; don’t worry there is one for young men too and it’s called ” The Battle of every Teenage Men” and it’s by Stephen Arterburn & Fred Stoeker.

     What can I say about it, well it makes me think  about every inner struggle that some many young women go through including myself almost on a daily basis. It’s a refreshing book because it tells the stuff as it is there is no gray it’s only black and white. I’m just starting it but since the first page it confronts you with stuff that you might think is right to do and it shows you even explains the different reasons why is not. I suggest that if you are 12 years to older and you struggle with sexuality and you want to protect your mind and heart you should read it. It will give you what to help in those types of situation.

Author: Ana Guerrero

A forgiven sinner working for His kingdom.

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