As you said…..

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John 4:23
” The hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.”

Many of you know that my passion is to read books as I shared in a previous post; it’s what I love to do and  it’s more than a hobby for me. However many of you don’t know that another thing that inspires me a lot is music. Music is an essential part for me when I’m praying; because it can help me feel the presence of the holy spirit there with me. That doesn’t mean that if I don’t have music on I can’t feel him; because I can but it’s just makes a deeper connection; because I feel with the music I’m giving worship to him and making him notice my prayer. And one of the songs that inspires me and makes me bawl my eyes out and just get to that higher place of holiness is this song that I’m going to tell you guys about. It’s called Como Dijiste which translated means As You Said and it’s sung by Christine D’Clairo; it’s a song that touches my heart and breaks me to pieces and puts me back together. The lyrics and meaning of that song reminds me daily that even though I can’t see him or sometimes I don’t feel him; he is there with me through every trial and through every happy moment. And this are the lyrics;

Move the pond in my being.

Unite me to your river, give me life.

I do not know what words to say,

that cause you to love me

more than you love me .



Come Lord, as you said

Pour out your glory, pour out your glory.

Come Lord, as you said

Pour out your glory, pour out your glory.


Overcome my darkness with your light

Be my strength today, Oh Jesus

Find my hiding place,

catch me if I run away

Flood me with your love…


[Chorus x2]


You love me like a father, like a brother,

like a fierce lion, like no one else.

With strength you look for me, to embrace me,

You wrap me in your love.


[Chorus x1½]


You love me like a father, like a brother,

like a fierce lion, like no one else.

With strength you look for me, to embrace me,

You wrap me in your love.


Wrap me, ohh come…


This song reminds me that he fights for me and loves me unconditionally even though I might stray away from him in my weakest moments. He is there pursing me without stopping; because he has seen my flaws when he was at the cross and he still gave his life for my salvation and your salvation. You know one of the constant thing I ask the Lord when I pray is that he will take any iniquity or any root of evil or wickedness out of my heart. I will share with you a part of my prayer. So here it goes.

 Father in the name of Jesus I come bared to you without any pretense; you have seen my flaws, my nakedness, the wickedness of my heart Lord.I ask  you in this night or day that you transform my life each and everyday Lord, Glorify yourself through me. Use me as a vessel even though I might be a broken one; use me God for the purpose that you foresaw before I was formed in my mother’s womb Lord. I ask that you fill me with your Holy Spirit; that you anoint me with your oil Lord. Forgive the sins that I have committed and I ask you Lord that you make me a true worshiper as David was after your own heart. Father in your name I ask that you make me humble Lord; put love in my heart for everyone; let it be a different color, different race, ethnicity or religion. Lord move any stumbling rock( or pond) that is in my life; that blocks my spiritual life from fulfilling the purpose that you have for me.

Sometime we still cling to stuff that it’s blocking the Lord from fulfilling his purpose. Free yourself from those ties or blocks that just make your faith shake. Let the Lord work in your life and give your life freely to God; because he loves you and me as a father, brother or fierce lion; ready to fight to death for us. Don’t forget that his love is so unselfish that he gave his only begotten son to die on the cross for you and me. Help me pray for those lives that need to come to his path, we need to lift our voices to God so that he can hear our cries and prayers,

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