My Soul & Life

FullSizeRenderMy Desire for your presence has no limits.

Nor the need in my heart. That aching in my heart intensifies everyday for you.

My soul and life need you; as nourishment for the rest of my life. What can I do?

How can I stop this feeling; that I’m dying without you in my life. Forgive me…

Forgive all transgressions or iniquities that I have committed before you Lord…

Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ you are that nourishment my soul needs… Come into my life Forever…

Open my eyes and take me to your presence; My soul wonders of your presence. 

Of the presence that accepts , guides and loves a troubled person through the most difficult stages in life.

Help me come into that Holy place in which only you can be… Help me look for your Grace  and Love.

Without you all of this is just emptiness and a dark hole that I just can’t escape.

But that sacrifice in the Cross defeated death and made it possible for the grace, mercy and your blood to break every chain in my life.

In the name of Jesus I declare myself a daughter of the most high King. The King of Kings.. I’m Free..

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