A Year Of Restitution

Happy New Year!!!🎊🎆🎈

Abundant blessing to all of you who read my blog or who are followers of my blog; that God be blessing your lives, ministry, families with his presence and more. I have missed you guys; however this couple of weeks have been a blessing for myself and family and others.

We were able to deliver the care packages for the homeless and it’s with a deeply touched heart that I say that is what the love of Jesus Christ is and I was able to feel it that day that I gave away those packages. Seeing the faces of woman, men and children that are in need its deeply touching because by a circumstance they have lost it all and I have it and don’t appreciate it sometimes. I wrote in the last post that I was going to take pictures and upload them here; but at the end I decided not too. Because this is not for me to get conceited or feel good about myself. This is about what it means to be Christ like. Jesus didn’t do the miracles or gave the word for self glory but to open the eyes of the blind, to save a prostitute, heal the woman of flow, raised a dead Lazarus. All he did was for the glory and honor of the Father.

Something else that happened was that my father was able to see his mother after 20 years apart it was an amazing moment; one that I give thanks to the Lord, because he made it possible. It was an emotional moment to be truthful; one that made me cry as all the family. God is good all the time; I truly believe he is and will continue to be through eternity. 

We are in a new year that you should declare as a year of restoration and restitution. Declare that what the enemy has taken away from you; you should receive it multiplied by 7 as it is God perfect number. Believe this word deep in you heart that what can’t be restored will be re-instituted according as it was to Job. 

Job 42:4-6

4.‘Hear, now, and I will speak;
            I will ask You, and You instruct me.’

      5.“I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear;
            But now my eye sees You;

      6.”Therefore I retract,
            And I repent in dust and ashes

Job went through a process that left him broken, without family, money or good health. But the Lord saw the process of this man and even though Job sometimes despair for all that was happening to him; God gave him back multiplied what he had lost during the process( trial) and I myself think he restored his marriage with his wife. When you leave everything to the hands of the all mighty anything is possible; your faith is the one that can move mountains. if I’m going through a trial I have to look up to God and let him handle it, because nothing can overpower our Father. But sometimes we have no faith( even though we say we do) that we let the situation overpower us that we can’t see the hand of God working. 

Job 42:10

10. The LORD restored the fortunes of Job when he prayed for his friends, and the LORD increased all that Job had twofold.

Life is not easy and I don’t believe this year will be easier; however my trust is upon the Lord. And in the name of Jesus Christ I declare a year of spiritual growth, restoration, restitution and blessing upon each and every single one of you in your families, ministries, lives, churches and anywhere and everywhere you go.  



P.S. How was everyone’s Christmas and New Year’s? Tell me in the comments. Shalom💕💜💕💕

Author: Ana Guerrero

A forgiven sinner working for His kingdom.

12 thoughts on “A Year Of Restitution”

    1. That is true that God is not a vending machine. However in the word it is written ” ask and it shall be given to you” i don’t think the word lies. Many of us would ask for things that will depart us from God’s presence. What i want the readers and myself to declare is a higher spiritual growth, restoration or restitution but it wont be happen without sacrifice. If we don’t do the actual work that spiritual growth will never happen; many of us daily with our mouth tie ourselves with words that don’t bring us closer to God but instead separates us from him. Declaring things doesn’t mean it will be instantly given and sometimes it won’t be at all . But our tongue has power to destroy and save lives as it is written in Prov 18:21. What type of content are you referring to.? Staying at the same spiritual level? Content with your way of life? On the New Testament we have the parable of the workers with the talents; it says that the master gave his three servants each talents some of them multiplied and some buried it. It’s the same way we can be content in God but not stayed put. We were commanded to spread the gospel to every nation and tongue. Declaring doesn’t mean it will be given without any work but that you are going to work harder for what you have declare in Jesus name to come through with his help. Thank you brother; I love reading opinions of other people. God Bless you💕❤️Shalom


      1. I am speaking about being content IN Christ. The blessings we have recieved in Christ is enough to leave us content in any situation as Paul explained. This whole teaching of manifesting your words into thin air is an error that is circulating the church. People take verses such as Matt 7:7 and assume they can speak anything and it will happen. But that was meant to be spoken to jews, and more specifally about finding and seeking Christ- truth – life. He’s not saying go ahead and ask for whatever you want, he’s implying to search for him and when you do you will find him.

        We are not commanded to preach the Gospel, Jesus commanded his apostles not you or I. Our job is to believe on Christ I wrote a blog about this you might like it. And no work from us gets us rewards and neither do we get punished by God. Hope this helps.


      2. The declaring stuff just because you declare it it doesn’t mean it will come true, you need to work for it, need to sweat for it. The job I’m at i wasn’t going to be able to have it because it was temporary and they even told me multiple times but i remember that first day i walked in i declare that the job would be mine. I prayed and i fasted for that job it wasn’t in my time that the job was given but in Gods. God heard my prayer and he saw the faith that i had that the job was going to become mine and at the end he provided the way. As for the preaching the gospel you are telling me I’m suppose to stay where I’m at and not preach the word and salvation of Jesus Christ to people that need him.? I’m suppose to let millions of people are die without Jesus in their heart. It might be true that Jesus commanded the apostles at that time but they are not alive now. I really do not know what to say; but the God that found me 12 years ago is not a God that only gave salvation to the Jews but a God that gave salvation to whoever believed in him. I can’t sit idle by while millions of people are dying each day and do not know his word probably because of religion, poverty, language barrier, no internet while I have the opportunity to spread the gospel either through evangelism in a social media capacity, with my own two legs and arms walking in the street and letting people know that Jesus Loves them. You can view and understand the word how you like and can live your walk with God how you like; but I can’t stand by and not let people know that jesus loves them through evangelism, through testimony. If the Holy Spirit touches my heart to speak to someone i will go to that person and preach the gospel to her or him because i might not know what they are feeling or what they are going through but God does. I don’t see or think myself more spiritual then others nor do i think I’m more intellectual then others but i believe God created me with a purpose and that is to spread his gospel. Let’s leave it as this let each walk the way they think God wants I will support your ministry because after all we are sons and daughters of the all mighty God. God bless and Shalom💕


      3. I never said you couldn’t do what you felt in your heart. I said your only job is to believe on Christ. That’s biblical. Love you sis. Please check out my posts and look through them. As an older brother in Christ, and Pastor I urge you to pray and continue to seek wisdom. You have alot of love for God, I just hope to help you understand the fullness of Christ in you.


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