God Bless you all in this gorgeous morning!!!Okay I’m usually not this cheery if I haven’t  drank my cup of coffee but today is such a wonderful day. I can almost feel the promise of something; it feels peaceful and at the same time as if something is good is going to come.

Anyways today I’m announcing our youth ministry Facebook page. I’m beyond excited I believe this page will be a blessing to many. There have been many setbacks to get this together and ready to go but I believe that the Lord has everything in control and that he has the perfect timing for everything.

One of the many setbacks was the name of the ministry…. just thinking about gives me a headache. I couldn’t find an appropriate name that would represent but also that  at the same time has a powerful meaning. Anyways after much prayer and advice from our pastor we decided on the name….drum roll please….


This name kept popping up in many bibles verses and even though I was thinking of other names this was a constant  in my mind. Zion has different meanings one is fortification, another is raised up, and it also represents the new city of God. However our ministry will take the meaning to be raised up and be fortified in God.


P.S. Leave a me a comment below.. Do you like the new ministry name? What does Zion signify or mean to you? God Bless🗣🗣🙏🏼🙏🏼Shalom…💗💗💕💕

Author: Ana Guerrero

A forgiven sinner working for His kingdom.

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