My Praise🙌🏻🙌🏻🎼🎼🗣🗣💕💕

Then Moses said, “I pray You, show me Your glory!”

How many of us have said this to God many times? well I have too many to count. But what is more shocking to me it’s the boldness in which Moses talks to God.  From the first meeting with God he was even afraid to look and now he demands from the Lord; the transition has been a complete change of attitude.


In innocence, anger and rebellion I have demanded from God to show himself in various ways in my life. When I was younger when I went to sunday school I used to daydream of seeing God and how he looks like but  as I got older  I was filled with pain and hate; I demanded from him what I thought I needed to see or experience to let go of the anger, hatred and hurt that was in my heart.

His face shines brighter than the sun
His grace as boundless as His love
He reigns with healing in His wings
The King above all kings
The greatest One of all

What I could not see nor grasp was that I could feel his glory in just letting him in; in praising him with all my heart. I have learned that it’s not necessary to physically see his glory to feel as we are one special spiritual being but that obeying his commands and living in the way that he wants we can feel it. Moses demanded from God but he was a man who obeyed God’s command in retrieving his people from Egypt. And even though he grew tired of the people constantly whining for no reason he stuck; he obeyed God’s command and he was able to fulfill one of his desires which was seeing God’s presence not in full but just the back.

I’m awed by Your beauty, lost in Your eyes
I long to walk in Your presence like Jesus did
Your glory surrounds me and I’m overwhelmed
I’m not afraid
I’m not afraid

Maybe your desire is the same as it was mine; but have you asked yourself if it really it’s God’s glory you wish to see? or you want to feel as if you are worth? My demands came from a place of hurt and anger and of feeling unworthy . I had to actively search and let go for me to experience just the feeling of his glory when I praised or prayed. I had to break those chain that had me tied and would not let go of me. I’m actively searching but it’s not with a take for no answers desire to see him but instead to feel him.


P.S.  I have decided to post about Godly Dating➕💑👫 but I first have to do my research in the bible and more so it won’t be instant. I like to be through so hang on to it I promise I will do it.  You guys don’t know what a blessing it is for me to be able to write for you guys and speaking from the bottom of my heart; Thank you💕💕I have seen growth in my blog; thank you to the ones that have stuck with me since the beginning and the ones that have gotten on board this train during the trajectory. Shalom💕💗💗💕✨✨

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