Are you ready?

There are a lot of news circulating around the world of a world war III; however, we the church should not be shocked to hear such rumors as this has been written in the bible. Many different disasters have ocurred within a few months such as the amazonian fire and now the Australian fire. We the church must be in constant prayer. Violence has increased as the years go and sin is something that all of us struggle with; however, instead of the church being awake and prepared for the coming of our Lord we are unfortunately asleep.

John 5: 4

For an angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stirred up the water; then whoever stepped in first, after the stirring of the water, was made well of whatever disease he had.

We have let the enemy control our lives through social media, family, and even our jobs. All of this has stagnated our lives in different ways, we are like the paralyzed man that could not walk into the pool of Bethesda to be healed; how long are we going to continue this way? The times are becoming worse and we are letting ourselves become distracted with minor things of no importance.

The story of the pool bethesda can be applied to the christians of nowadays as we are like the paralyzed or the blind not knowing what is going on. The Lord is showing us what is going on and telling us to actually move and remove our selfs from the spiritual stagnation that we have fallen into. He offers encounters with him for us to be healed from any sickness, delivered from sin but we continue in that same place. If you read that whole chapter from the book of John, the man that Jesus healed was given the the same word as the woman who had the blood flow.

John 5: 14

” Afterward Jesus found him in the temple, and said to him, “See, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.”

God delivers us from situations, sin or sickness; however, instead of us obeying God’s word; we decide to turn back from what we have been delivered from. And, that brings worse consequences for our lives, that we later on will regret but cannot unmake. All that is going on around the world is the beginning of pains as the bible states; no one knows the day of the coming of our Lord but what we need to be is PREPARED. Do not prepare yourself until the last minute because, that could be a mistake that could leave you behind, instead prepare yourself while we still have time; and remove yourself from things that do not bring any benefits to your walk with the Lord. In the book of Proverbs Chapter 14 the following is stated;

“A wise man fears and departs from evil,
But a fool rages and is self-confident.”

Let’s be wise and remove ourselfs from any stagnant area in our lives, let’s be prepared for the coming of our God as it could happen in a blink of an eye and we will not even notice it. What is going on should motivate us to be in constant prayer with the Lord, to search him in spirit and in truth and become knowledgeable in his word, many things are rising up and many are being led astray nowadays due to having lack of knowledge on the word. The church instead of fearing what is happening should rejoice in the coming of the Lord, the only thing that we as the church worldwide can offer is prayer for all those affected by what is going on. I will definitely have in prayer the men and women who have been deployed to the middle east from America; for those affected by the fires and disasters; for those affected by the acts of violence within the communities and worldwide. Lets unite in prayer for all the pain this world is going through; however, until this world recognizes that Jesus Christ is the Lord, that is all we can help with.

Author: Ana Guerrero

A forgiven sinner working for His kingdom.

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