Today was one of those days that it was hard for me in the spiritual sense actually this whole week. I seen what’s happening in the world, in my own state and I feel this deep sadness, because instead of looking for God; we search for answers with violence and ” two wrongs don’t make a right.” Dear readers it’s time for us to straighten our paths with the Lord. If you have read in Matthew 24:12 it says that ” Because of the wickedness in the world that the love will grow cold in people.” And also in James 4:1 ” What causes conflicts and fights among you? Don’t they come from the desire of battle( war) inside of you.” This is what are we seeing now days violence everywhere, the hearts of everyone is becoming colder. I feel this deep sadness for those souls because the solution is only to go back to the Lord’s way, why can’t they see that without him we are nothing; this country is nothing. We have disobeyed the word of our Father that he has given us. We have been more focused on the secular word and the pleasures of the flesh then spreading the word of the Lord to those lost soul that need a word that will touch their lives.

What have we being doing as a church and as youth.? Nothing ; that’s what we have being doing. We have been sleeping during these troubled times, we will give account on judgement day.  Where is the obedience? Where is the sacrifice? I know that as christian we are pointed and criticized because, we don’t support the views of the world and it’s hard to take word or spread the word but it’s a commandment that Jesus Christ left. Don’t let our hearts become cold let’s pray for those soul that are lost in the world and lets hope that God sends someone else or even us and give word to that person. I’m not going to be a hypocrite it’s hard for me to give word to someone maybe its shyness or maybe is nervousness or maybe is the enemy trying to a be a sneak but I ask God to take control of my mind and mouth during those times that I’m gonna evangelize someone. Give word to your neighbor or, friend or, family member, or even a stranger. Lets try to spread the word to the world and to lost souls. And lets pray for this violence that’s  spreading through the world and through our neighborhood. I leave you with this verse

John 13:34

” A new commandment I leave to you, that you may love one another as I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

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What does it mean I’M A CHRISTIAN.?A Teen  Christian?

It means temptations and weaknesses in your spiritual life becuase as youth we are not use to the ways of  being a christian. It’s harder to say no to peer pressure, family, friends, society and even boyfriend or girlfriend. As youth as it says in Proverbs 20:29″ The glory of the young is their strength and  the splendor of old men is their gray head.” You can interpret that verse in different ways. The youth are strong because we  push foward but we don’t have the wisdom of the old to continue fighting the battle.Youth in general we get distracted by the things of the world; it could be music( seculiar) , fashion, games, tv series, books and stuff that is not pleasing to the Lord.It hard to be different in a world that tells you to be the opposite but, if you really want to follow and walk the Lord path you got to decide what to let go. It might be materialistic things, people even or even yourself because, at the end you got to put yourself in God’s hands; we’re nothing or anything without him. Try to change your life in a way that will please God.

What do you think pleases the Lord more is it sacrifice or obedience.?

Sacrifice it will cost you something when you do it, it could be 1 hour of free time to read, play a game, watch a show that you missed or obedience you knew you had to pray for a certain amount of time maybe, because the Lord told you or because your youth leader told you and even though you were watching or about to watch, or you might have been playing you decided to obey the word of God and instead pray the amount that you needed. Those types of things make you a strong youth christian and a christian all together. Because at the end you knew that you needed to become stronger in the spiritual world to be able to fight off temptations and stuff that will come your way. It’s not an easy road to walk and follow but if you are steadfast in the rock which is our God; you won’t have any trial or test that might come your way and not passed..

There are ways to fight temptations and weakness here is a list;

  • pray at least 30 minutes and 2 x week if you are in school or work ; pray in your head or when you have a break go into the break room or bathroom and pray there. This will help you be more center in the day and you will see you will breathe a little bit easier during the day.
  • fast 2x a week or more if you can. When we fast we are training our selves to say to out flesh no because we are more spiritually stronger.
  • try to read the bible as often as you can because the Lord might give you word at that instant and the word of the Lord is bread that you need to eat often.

p.s. in the picture above it shows the kittens going in to pray and coming out as lions because prayer makes us stronger in everything  just read Matthew 6:6.

Right way to walk before the Lord?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Have you asked yourself that question? I have it’s something so hard to do, but not impossible. Walking the right way before the Lord is one of the hardest things to do and in the trajectory you are gonna fall a lot because as human being we are not perfect, we can try to be the best that we can be before the Lord. Don’t give up you still have time to get up and walk again. Put this decision in the front of your mind and tell God ; 

“Lord is time for me to strengthen myself in your presence , let the Holy Ghost descend into my life in this moment, I want to walk with you Lord I want to be filled of your presence. Help me walk this infested waters in the right way I know it’s not going to be easy but I put myself in your hands.