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Sorry for not being active for a couple of days on the blog; I have been busy and sick. I was  in bed for two days with a really bad headache that would not go; but now I’m feeling much better. Right at this moment I’m reading a book called Spoken For by Robin Gunn and Alyssa Bethke.


It speaks about dating but most importantly it speaks about our love story with Jesus; how he pursues us with unending love. Another book that I read that touched me when I read it was Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. This book is beautiful it speaks of  topics like self-worth and self-love; choices and consequences but most of all God’s love for you and I. The story is a retelling of the biblical story of Hosea and Gomer but set in the California Gold Rush time. The story starts with little Sarah in New England in 1835 where she lives with her mother in a beautiful cabin. There she meets her father who is a married wealthy man in England. Sarah is the product of an affair between her mother Mae and Mr. Alex Stafford who does not want her and has never wanted her asking Mae to abort the baby before Sarah was born. After the fight between her father and mother they are left destitute as Mae does not want to part from her daughter.

Mae seeks shelter with her parents who want nothing to do with her for her reputation has been tarnished as she was a mistress to a married man. That left her the only option moving to the shacks in the docks to become a prostitute for a living. After a while mae dies from an illness and Sarah is left as an orphaned. She is then sold into becoming the mistress of a rich pedophile. Fast forward 10 years Sarah now called Angel decides to escape Duke and boards a ship to california; where she is robbed of all possessions and money. Her not wanting to be raped by the ship members decides to go into prostitution in a brothel in San Francisco. There she meets Michael Hosea who has gone into town for business. He catches a glimpse of her and after asking God and praying for his future wife; God speaks to him letting him know that Angel was the “One” he had to marry. Michael did not know that this woman was prostitute and after finding out he decides to obey God’s command and pays the fees for Sarah to service him. During this time he talks to her and asks her to marry him which she refuses in different occasions. After an incident that almost leaves Angel dead he marries her and moves her to his house  out in the outskirts.

There Angel is healed and is not treated right by Michael’s family member. Which makes Angel feel more unworthy as she is still battling feelings of self-worth and insecurity as shame, hatred and love. She decides to leave michael and she services someone to drive her to the town so she can go back to prostitution. Michael finds her and pays for her to be freed from the brothel that she is at. During different times she leaves and he keeps seeking until she leaves for three years in  which she finds God, comes face to face with the past and accepts him in her life. She decides to open a house for woman of ill repute( prostitutes) so that they can get out of that life and find a job and where they are tought new abilities to go into trade. At the end she is sought by michael’s family member to be brought back to her husband as he decided not to look for her anymore; she had to go back of her own free will. She decides to leave Sacramento and goes back to michael’s farm and they reunite and they forgive.


What struck me of this story was Angel’s character; she was a hard woman who suffered too much at a young age and that made choices that continued to break her spiritually and emotional. This woman was scarred and wounded in the deepest part of her soul; she had been mistreated as a child and her body had the scars of it. The choices she made after being married and have been spoken to her about God had consequences not only for her but also for her husband and those around them. Michael’s obedience and steadfast love for God made him a man with a deep commitment with the Lord. His love and pursuit for his wife reminds me off God’s relentless love and pursuit for you and I. Michael never stop praying and hoping that his wife would return and that she would give her life to God; just as Our Father never stops hoping that his son’s and daughter come to his path. Michael showed love where there was hatred and feeling of shame and unworthiness. He showed patience and love where there was fear.

This book to me represent most of all God’s love. Through all that Sarah did God was with her and he loved her and even though her choices took her farther apart from him; he was still there right beside her; helping and guiding her. She had to be at a breaking point for her to see his hand working in her life instead of seeing her husband as her God. Michael was an almost perfect man in the book but after all he was just a man who God used to take and show this woman of a different love then what her parents had in the past. We are like the tree firmly planted in our wants and desires and God is like the wind that moves the leaves and branches and a lot of tree to where he wants them. I can’t recommend this book more than enough; it was just that good.

1.Corinthians 7:23

 You were bought with a price; do not become bond servants of men”

I have not forgotten about the post or posts I will be doing in dating; so don’t worry the day is  getting closer. I will be active in this blog for only three days in this week as I am preparing for the friday of next week as I will be preaching. It makes me so nervous to be on top of that altar and preach I don’t think I will ever get used to it but that it’s what I’m called for. Leave a comment below👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻has anyone of you read this book? what are your thoughts? do you guys want me to do a book review section in the blog I would love to do it as it’s my favorite thing to do.

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Love is patient, it is kind; Love has no envy; love is not boastful, it is not arrogant;
5 does not behave indecorously; he does not seek his own, he does not get irritated, he does not take into account the evil received;
6 He rejoiced not in unrighteousness, but rejoiceth in the truth;
7 everything suffers, everything believes, expects everything, supports everything.
8 Love never stops being; but if there are gifts of prophecy, they will end; if there are languages, they will cease; if there is knowledge, it will be over.

God bless you,

Today millions of people are celebrating or will celebrate valentines day . Stories in the bible of love that we have are the story of Sara and Abraham; also that of Solomon with the Shulamite, Hosea and Gomer and many more like the story of Love of God with Israel but the main one is the story of Love that was declared on a cross thousands of years ago.

This afternoon I will talk about the love story of Hosea with Gomer. The word of God says that Hosea was a prophet in the time of 790 to 697 BC. He preaches the message of God to the North of the Kingdom of Judea. Hosea was a righteous man who walked in the way of the Lord and spoke the word that the Lord commanded him to give to the Hebrew people.

The beginning of the word of Jehovah through Hosea. The LORD said to Hosea, “Go, take a fornicating woman, and children of fornication; For the earth commits adultery by turning away from the Lord.

What an uncomfortable situation for Hosea; imagine that the Lord commands you to do something so difficult. In the time that Hosea married Gomer they lived under the law of Moses; That means that Gomer had to be stoned for being a prostitute. The men of before are not like those of today; they saved themselves for marriage and wanted their future wife to be a virgin too. It was not always the case as examples we have Rahab and Salmon. She was a prostitute when she lived in Jericho; we also have the story of Ruth and Boaz. Well she was not a fornicator but she had already been married without children, which at that time was a big No. Because not having a child, the widows are left in poverty and the last husband’s name died with them; then any land that they had it was given to relatives if someone didn’t redeem her( will not get into that).

Let’s go again to Hosea and Gomer; the word says that the marriage of Hosea and Gomer was like a window to the symbolic marriage (relationship) that Israel had with God. Israel at that time was  very adulterous nation in the eyes of the Lord. They fornicated a lot with other gods; meaning that they turned away from God and went to worship pagan gods who did nothing for them. The Lord had grown weary of Israel’s infidelity.

2 Then I bought that woman for fifteen pieces of silver and one and a half loads of barley, 3 and I said, “You are going to live with me for a long time, but without prostitution. You will not have sex with any other man. I will not touch you!

Hosea married Gomer but she could not be faithful. She returned to the place where Hosea had rescued her by marrying her. I analyze the word and I can see that was the only thing she could see; prostitution was her escape. Hosea had to redeem (buy) his own wife back; after he was morally and emotionally destroyed by her and her actions. That same thing God had to do with Israel, he had to redeem the Israelite people and you and I with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. His own son had to pay the price on the cross of Calvary. Were we worthy of that? I think not. But it was the mercy of God who saw something good and worthy in you and I.

They have reached the height of corruption,
as in the days of Gibeah;
But God will remember their perversities
and will punish them for their sins!

First of all how is your relationship with God? Are you like Gomer (Unfaithful in your walk) or Hosea firm in the ways of the Lord. To ask you this does not mean that I tell you to be perfect, but we have to know when to say enough and affirm ourselves with God.


P.S. Shalom🙏🏼What’s everyone doing tonight? I got a date with my bible and journal. Single life problems😂😂